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By Serena cosmo

Love, Loss, and Parental Alienation

Are you being cut off from your kids after a separation or divorce ? Divorce Pawns explains why and how.

Key Takeaways from

Divorce Pawns

  • Why parental alienation definitely exists
  • Why alienating parents alienate
  • The subtle alienating strategies alienating parents use to groom and manipulate kids
  • How to assess whether kids are alienated
  • How and why kids respond to parental alienation as they do
  • How kids’ memories are manipulated
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How can a relationship between a child and parent be damaged? Imagine the relationship as a basketball two parents play one-on-one with. Then, one parent slashes the basketball over and over again with a knife and hands its tatters back to the other parent. That’s how it’s done.

– Serena

Additional Information

What is Parental Alienation?

What is Parental Alienation?

Practically speaking, it's what happens when parents unjustly cut off their kids from the other parent for reasons unrelated to the kids’ physical and emotional safety and well-being. It can also refer to the kids’ unwarranted rejection, as reflected through their...

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Does Parental Alienation Exist?

Does Parental Alienation Exist?

Negating its existence is becoming increasingly difficult to sustain given the following data: Lawyers and therapists generally believe that parents can indeed manipulate their kids to reject the other parent.1 In a survey involving 300 members of the Association of...

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Parental Alienation Is Child Abuse and Family Violence

Parental Alienation Is Child Abuse and Family Violence

Kids are significantly harmed when they’re manipulated to reject and devalue a parent. They may not have scars or bruises, but they’re nevertheless abused in the following ways. Their Sense of Self Worth Is Damaged Kids are often told by the alienating parent that the...

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